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“There is nothing in the world that would unite citizens more than an updated technological version of capitalism.” the founders

Buyers Earned Equities

We envision building a consumer stock exchange for restricted blockchain securities. The blockchain equities may be earned from patronizing the businesses that are a part of our proposed digital network. When they grow, their consumers grow.

We believe in new age capital markets whereas consumers may be justly rewarded for their support of a business by receiving a slice of the growth relative to their consumption without speculation.

As the earned equities reach maturity they may be held or traded on our proposed Alternative Trading System (ATS) for restricted securities pending FINRA/SEC permissions when that time comes. The BEE Exchange PBC, terms and conditions to follow.

Technology = power to the people. The time has come to use that power for higher purposes than extracting advertising dollars…ijs

Blurring the Lines Between Buyers and Sellers

“The math of a commercial financial transaction will never work in ‘we the people’s’ favor until we balance the equation to do so. A percentage of every dollar spent should be treated as an investment credit for the buyer by the business that took in that dollar. Every participating business can offer a different credit to attract more customers but in effect, the consumer has not only purchased the product or service, but also a fraction of the most valuable thing which is GROWTH. The next step is the buyer can trade her earned equities on a new public benefit stock exchange (The BEE Exchange PBC) for buyers of goods and services emulating the style of the wealthy by earning passive wealth trading or, by holding, blockchain securities of ownership. When you grow, I grow.”  – the founders

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 🤔 Albert Einstein

Gross wealth gaps begin with outdated business models (video)

New tools (technology) applied to old problems (gross wealth gaps) can provide real change for the better but it has to begin with our thinking. What if consumer spending was considered a valid form of investment by businesses? By some qualified estimates consumer spending is approximately 70% of U.S . economic growth and/or GDP. How can an action this critical to an economy be excluded from the growth? Here’s where we need to change our thinking if we’ve had enough of the mass hopelessness and unavoidable hoarding of the wealth by a few. Technology as a tool can provide the algorithms, measurements and rewards we’ll need for all legit participants to benefit from capitalism as co-owners of the economy. Let’s fix the math to provide more passive income opportunities for all legitimate participants to an economy! Think different, think digital.

So, why will corporations be willing to create new classes of shares for consumers? Insiders know issuing new shares is something corporations do frequently for various purposes but mainly to raise more money. How can corporations say no to the people who make them what they are? However; there is little sense in asking them before the digital infrastructure is in place. Think tactical, the time will come.

We are founding members of Relative Growth Incubators, Inc

Relative Growth Incubators Inc (“RGI”) is a 501 C(6) nonprofit trade organization. A trade organization aka business association’s purpose is to promote best practices and standards by consensus among member businesses.

RGI’s mission is to incubate new age business models that enable relative growth for the people who make businesses what they are. We will be successful by helping startups embed this model from the beginning and we will be successful helping established businesses reinvent themselves, or we will be successful by helping startups reinvent, disrupt and replace legacy models to provide relative growth for consumers through our new age models for justified consumer earned equities.

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Compatible Perspectives

We’ve found some compatible perspectives from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders. If only we could connect with these leaders, we could begin to change the world, really:

Brian Thomas Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America – Mr. Moynihan has made it clear that he views the world and his responsibilities from an altruistic POV. He wants to improve the world for the many, not just a few. In our proposed new digital infrastructure banks will play a critical role in managing earned equities for the many while creating new revenue streams for banks and the many. Here’s a sample of Mr. Moynihan’s compatible perspectives:
Capitalism is one of the best systems of ingenuity

William (Bill) Albert Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management – although Mr. Ackman is definitively a “money guy” as he is a hedge fund manager, yet he also exhibits a more empathetic side when he reimagines capitalism as he does in a recent MarketWatch interview:
Bill Ackman on saving capitalism: Every child in the U.S. could

Raymond Thomas Dalio, billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist – Ray is one of our favorite go to guys regarding economies. There are very few people who can understand and explain the workings of economies and historic economic trends as clearly as Ray does. Ray has been very vocal about the flaws in capitalism and he and his wife are known for their many philanthropic endeavors. But as Mr. Moynihan alludes to in the above article, “All the charitable givers in the world, including individuals, give away $1 trillion a year. It’s marvelous. It’s wonderful but it does not hit the $6 trillion.” Our feeling is that if Ray is sincere about fixing capitalism, he should probably put some money where his mouth is and help develop some newer systems (like our proposed digital infrastructure) that will better serve the many. Just go for it Ray! What’s to lose? Ray has way too many compatible perspectives to list but here’s a start: Ray Dalio warns of consequences from deepening inequality in America

Robert Frederick Smith, an American businessman, philanthropist, chemical engineer, and investor – Mr. Smith has been very generous over the years supporting a wide variety of causes through philanthropy and investments. It is not widespread that Mr. Smith is also a tech geek and innovator who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University. The common perspective we see is his propensity to understand the powers of technology and how if innovators use those powers to “fix capitalism” versus using those powers to create massive advertising engines, they would most likely succeed. In Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin On” song his lyrics say, ..”who is willing to try, to save a world…” Here’s a link to Robert Smith’s: The Risks and Opportunities in Today’s Digital World “…liberating the human spirit…” deep dude.

Currently we are also reaching out to the following thought leaders: Chamath Palihapitiya, Tyler Perry, Dr. Pricilla Chan, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Joe Rogan, Paul Tudor Jones II, Rendel L. Solomon, Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott, Rob Johnson and Michael Fosnaugh, to name a few. If anyone can help us connect it will be greatly appreciated.

“Who is willing to try?”

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